Sunday, April 23, 2006

holiday in france

Read, ate, played boules, practiced gallic shrugs, saw old buildings, went to an odd theme park, appreciated French cuisine, that sort of thing. Nice to see a different culture, get a proper rest, and have a laugh with my wife and her folks.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

the cuban brothers

On a completely superficial note...

I knew these guys once.
Just thought I'd state that for the record, before they hit the big time. I bongo'd for them on a couple of occasions and we used to hang out with them in the Cellar Bar in Edinburgh when they were perfecting their engleesh and practicing breakdancing in their y-fronts.

I felt the need to air that. I'm at a significant age in my life where people of my generation are getting famous and successful, and so I have a number of nearly-famous friends, and famous nearly-friends. Nearly-famous friends are mates who are successful but not famous (Richie Hart, Tom Pearson - see, you've never heard of them, but I have); famous nearly-friends are famous people who are successful but are friends of my friends and not friends of my own (5 at the last count). But finally, I get to state knowledge of famous people in my own right! Except, they won't remember who I am, and if they become notorious for being very rude, I'll deny it. Apart from that, I've made it! Hurrah!

smash n grab

Last week during the night, someone smashed in the rear windscreen of our car while it was parked in the driveway(see left - I've smudged out the number plate in case they come back with a bag of fishes). They did it just to steal the spoiler. Why bother? If they wanted it that much, they could have knocked on the door and asked for it, and I would have considered giving it to them.
Gutted also at the missed gospel opportunity... my neighbour was shocked why someone would do such a destructive thing... because we're all wretched in sin at birth and all of us are capable and guilty! That's what I should have said.

the marriage of objective truth and subjective experience

This morning in church we looked at Romans 5:1-11 which explains how the objective truth and subjective experience of the gospel must go hand in hand. v1-2 through Christ we have access to God (objective), so have peace (subjective). v3-5 we also can rejoice in our sufferings, because by the Holy Spirit we have the love of God in our hearts (subjective). v6-8 this is how big the love of God is (objective). v9-11 not only does God's love leave us justified (objective), but we are reconciled to God (subjective)!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

compelled but at a loss...

Last night Anna and I went to see The Constant Gardener. I can't remember the last time I've been so moved by a film (actually I can - the first breath of Vader in Revenge of the Sith). At the end the whole cinema sat in silence, and as we walked back to the car it felt more like we'd heard a heart-slamming sermon than just watched a movie. It raised many thoughts about marriage - adultery, trust, protection, grief - and more about the state of the world we live in. It beggars belief that the west can so completely screw developing nations, and it's gutting to be told that as individuals there's really nothing we can do about it.
The Coffee Bible Club have been blogging about the Christian responsibility towards social action - haven't read it yet, but have read Good News To The Poor by Tim Chester. He raises some challenging points. What is frustrating about evangelical social action - and I include myself in this - is the hypocrisy of it. Why do we campaign against government when our rights as Christians are oppressed, but not for the needy? We are right to speak out for persecuted Christians across the world, but why are we silent in the cause for persecuted nations? Praise the Lord that the gospel is the answer, not only for spiritual needs but has social and political dimensions too. But can individuals really do nothing? If God's church is really the hope for the world then it seems we need to work harder at convincing the world this is true.

As we drove home Anna said that it was not only a good night at the cinema, but it felt worthwhile. We felt compelled to do something about it - at the moment we're just not sure what.