Friday, October 20, 2006

st mawes

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

baptism, anyone?

I've been thinking about baptism lately, and I've reached a stalemate. Below is my dilemma. I'd appreciate comments, thoughts, opinions on any of the questions below - if anyone's up for it let's discuss! Coffee bible club interested? Thanks

"What I find confusing about the subject of baptism is not who should get baptised – I’m pretty confident that is open to believing adults and their children – nor what is it – it’s a covenantal sacrament, and at the very least I know it’s a good thing, with power attributed to it. The big question for me is, what happens at baptism? After pondering this question for the best part of a year I am still no clearer what the answer is. It is certainly not just a public witness of faith. That is what it’s been reduced to in some circles, but the Scriptures attribute more power to it than that. When someone is baptised, something spiritual happens. It has spiritual power. Which concludes that a baptised believer is more blessed than an unbaptised believer. That makes sense, because the Scriptures encourage us to do it. Is it not then a work? This brings us back to probably the most simple question asked of baptism today: if I am saved by grace, why do I need to get baptised?"