Thursday, December 07, 2006

mobile clubbing

How cool is this?!

A couple of weeks ago a circular email went out with words to this effect:

"30/11/06 @ 7.18pm @ Paddington Station. Arrive at location at given time. Start dancing to your personal stereo to the music of your choice. Please utilise the whole space, spread out - this will prevent us from being moved on. Don't worry clubbers you will be one of many."

So about 3500 people turned up to Paddington Station, and at precisely 7.18pm turned on their ipods and started dancing like nutters - in silence, apart from the occasional whoop from the crowd. Anna's brother (above) was there for about 2 hours and got his photo in the next day's Evening Standard!

Postmodern clubbing - what a cool phenomenon!

Go here for a slideshow
and here for a movie