Sunday, January 15, 2006

let it begin

Finally I've done it. It's taken much consideration, reflections on the state of my personality and implications on my social life, and a number of personal blogstandards put in place but I now have my own personal blog.
It was my birthday yesterday and my lovely wife bought me a digital camera. When I take a nice picture I need to be able to do something with it, so setting up a pic blog seemed a good idea.
Surf Fisher is not a poor attempt to explain that I am living in Falmouth trying to tell people about Jesus, honest - it explains my surf technique. I spend so much time just sitting on my board out back that I may as well have a rod with me. It would be more productive. Having this blog name will encourage me to shift my ass and paddle in for some waves - once I do I'll be able to think up a far nicer name for my blog.
Er, none of that was metaphorical, I was actually telling myself to surf better.

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