Thursday, March 09, 2006

bring on the sun!

An important day... the sun is shining so today, I, ever the optimist, am wearing shorts for the first time this year. Cornwall is great.


Andy said...

after that picture - I'm not sure you'll be getting 'is that kenny from Nethy bridge?' comments any more, well not the sort you want ;o)

Is the picture from a 'how to give birth' manual or a 'why you shouldn't wear white socks' book?

-bb- said...


it better stay for pod and i. can u put in a request please.

i left college today just as there was a thunder storm. i got so wet i looked like i got in the shower with al my clothes on, (which is a very silly thing to do by the way) by the time i got home the sun was shining. thats my unfortunate weather story. i hope you enjoyed it.

looking forward to tomorrow!

kenny said...

haha yeah andy I'm not sure what he is trying to communicate, although I like the way he is caressing his appendix (is that even where your appendix is? I'm not sure). hey becci a good story but very unfortunate! the sun is still shining here... hope you're feeling better

Andy said...

I think he's caressing his spleen more than his apendix.

and when you say 'like' what do you mean!?!