Wednesday, June 14, 2006

sven ur wierd

This is us at full-time of England v. Paraguay on Saturday.
Being impartial as I always am in England's international sporting events, my pundit view is that England have one fatal problem with their World Cup strategy: Theo Walcott. England's problems began when they took Michael Owen off; suddenly they only had one striker up front, Peter Crouch, who is only a support forward - he needs someone in front of him. Who could you put there instead? A cripple or a youth player.
Why why why why why bring someone with no Premiership experience who the coach hasn't even seen play? Three possible reasons: 1. to make a token gesture that they're investing the squad for the future 2. because Arsenal offered Sven financial reward 3. because Sven was banking on Rooney being fit. As the old saying goes, "to win matches you've got to score goals" and Sven's got a problem here. He has four forwards, two of whom aren't fit, one of whom is presumably too terrified to play in the World Cup, and one who's too tall to play on his own. I feel sorry for Jermaine Defoe, he must be wondering what on earth he's done wrong.


Andy said...

you need to understand that what I write below is a compliment

If there is ever a new series of the Royal Family you two should audition. That photo made me laugh very hard.

Reading your blog is like hearing you speak. That made me happy too.


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kenny said...

glad it made you smile andy! genuinely, that was how we looked at the end of the game - we didn't even pose. scary or what. thanks for your encouragement - I guess I should speak more often! there's a scarier thought!