Saturday, May 31, 2008

obsession with the self

Are blogs inherently narcissistic?


thehoneysetts said...

No, blogs are not inherently narcissistic. But there is a tendency there.

Whether they are or not will entirely depend on whether the aim of the blog is to reflect on the blog writer (the heart of narcissism) or to reflect on something outside the blog writer.

I resisted blogging for years until recently for fear of narcissism. But as long as its almost never about me I now hope its possible to avoid the danger.

See if you think I succeed at:

NM said...


becci brown said...

Both yes and no. Blogging has mixed motives, like pretty much everything we do on this earth!

Other people's blogs have been useful tools in my life to help me think through issues, provoke debate and encourage me to keeping walking with Jesus. People blog to challenge and to provoke, to rejoice and to encourage. That's a good thing!

But I also think there is narcissism...a belief that what I have to say is worth saying etc etc. Blog awards and the like seem to me to be the opitome of this - both that we should applaud people for their 'words of wisdom' and that we are important enough to be able to award!...erm, is that a bit negative of me?!

NM said...

Taken that we are all intrinsically narcissistic: blog awards should be celebrated. There are not enough of 'em, that's what I say. =)