Sunday, April 02, 2006

the cuban brothers

On a completely superficial note...

I knew these guys once.
Just thought I'd state that for the record, before they hit the big time. I bongo'd for them on a couple of occasions and we used to hang out with them in the Cellar Bar in Edinburgh when they were perfecting their engleesh and practicing breakdancing in their y-fronts.

I felt the need to air that. I'm at a significant age in my life where people of my generation are getting famous and successful, and so I have a number of nearly-famous friends, and famous nearly-friends. Nearly-famous friends are mates who are successful but not famous (Richie Hart, Tom Pearson - see, you've never heard of them, but I have); famous nearly-friends are famous people who are successful but are friends of my friends and not friends of my own (5 at the last count). But finally, I get to state knowledge of famous people in my own right! Except, they won't remember who I am, and if they become notorious for being very rude, I'll deny it. Apart from that, I've made it! Hurrah!

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Jonny:) said...

Hi found your blog!

yeah i saw a report on these dudes, hobnobbing with the a-list crew arnt they?