Sunday, April 02, 2006

smash n grab

Last week during the night, someone smashed in the rear windscreen of our car while it was parked in the driveway(see left - I've smudged out the number plate in case they come back with a bag of fishes). They did it just to steal the spoiler. Why bother? If they wanted it that much, they could have knocked on the door and asked for it, and I would have considered giving it to them.
Gutted also at the missed gospel opportunity... my neighbour was shocked why someone would do such a destructive thing... because we're all wretched in sin at birth and all of us are capable and guilty! That's what I should have said.

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Andy said...

maybe it was persecution - they saw the car sticker and were filled with rage and they only took the spoiler to hide their hate crime?

More than likely a pair of lads had too much to drink and saw the spoiler and wanted it.

Either way, we live in a sad and sin-sick world. Sorry that this happens.